Dungeon Acid, bred in Gothenburg’s (Sweden) obscure music scene during the eighties and nineties, releases his second 7” on Höga Nord Rekords. Dog Acid and Sex Beat focuses on those remote corners where Jean-Louis Huhta have rooted his musicality. With legendary bands like Cortex, Anti Cimex and The Skull Defekts on his resume, Huhta is most definitely one of the most interesting artists in Sweden! The music on this 7” breathes sex, concrete and dark seas. The tracks differ in instrumentation but they expresses the same feeling: uncomplicated and straightforward components, perfectly balanced In relation to each other, shutting down unnecessary body function, aiming for your lower back. Spastic curling synthesisers rests upon soundwaves heavier than the swell against the Norwegian North Atlantic coast. Dungeon Acid is the miner of your record crate – hard at work finding the nuggets in punk, rock and electro to develop the strict techno.