In this age of pre-set play lists and total sharing of music, you more or less get served what you expect to hear. Your musical preferences are predictable and you – with little or no effort - get access to music that suits your self-image perfectly and places you in a safe zone. But what if these babysitting services went on vacation and you’re suddenly left alone in the post-industrial outback? Where do you start looking? At first listen you might feel that the songs on “Loving Hell” by Vox Low, released on Höga Nord Rekords, might not suit your needs in such a cold, harsh existence. But that’s where you’re wrong. Vox low’s sound might first appear frightening and cold to you but the tracks on this EP most of all carries with them depth, energy and persistence: the perfect soundtrack to reboot your system to and to get you going straight forward without looking back. This is music for the aftermath of a cathartic experience, music that generates a propulsion that makes you wanna walk on that road forever, music to help you rediscover what punk, rock and electronica really should be about – gut feeling.