Gothenburgs most manic drummer Pontus Torstensson (URAN, The Exorcist GBG) has created a one man army. Its name? Tentakel. And yä. It´s just simple common sense. The project has already got a rep for the live shows. Now it´s finally here in physical form in the shape of 300 seven inches lazed with drums and synthesizers. Rythmn and the dubby blues. Techno, Dub, Kraut - you can hear it all in the dark moods. Cosmic kraut-techno with some ambient" is Pontus own words for it. A-side Impulse sounds like a nightly search of a Italian party in a haunted and swinging mansion. While driving in a porsche nine two eight. B-side Inversion balancing itchy nerves with cosmic atmospheres. Don´t sleep cause it will hit hard!