The civilisation has brought a lot of good stuff to the table, for example, video phones, metal detectors and the Honda Goldwing. But on our way to modernisation, some things got sacrificed on the altar of technology and the urbanisation and industrialisation caused a distortion in the human reception of nature. Ancient musical traditions, which had been part of mankind's development of the fine arts got lost in the noise from factories and growing cities. But. There. Right beneath the low frequent humming which lies as a background for the modern mans everyday life and works as a limit between us and nature, rests an elemental force from the collected art expression of lost times, waiting for a sensitive mind to find the frequency, pick up the transmission, decode the message and use it to create beautiful art. That the echoes from the past has reached Fontän is the answer to why the sound on the ”Polar star”-EP, released on Höga Nord Rekords, is timeless and without restrains. Their expression on this release traces back to their earlier works and the tracks on this EP which is their second Höga Nord Rekords release, they mix the future and the past in typical Fontän fashion. The first notes on the opening track ”Polar star” could have been taken from a playful Pink Floyd session circa 1969 and music then develops into exactly what you should expect from Swedens number one neo-psych band; polyrhythmic patterns á’la Philip Glass executed with confident guitars, break beat disco drums plus organ and song harmonies so sacred that they could wake Jack Nitzsche from the dead. The record continues with ”Machines” where the nordic melancholy goes on a world tour through the stratosphere, with stopovers in California, Bohuslän and mountains of Bhutan. The trip then takes off for the outer orbit! ”Sen sen, no sen” is a term used in Karate and it means that you hold the ability to foresee the opponents strike and strike her/him with that same blow in beforehand. This action takes your full concentration and you must be capable to disconnect from the world surrounding you and be in the moment. Let the needle flow over the closing track ”Sen sen, no sen” and feel the music fulfil you with confidence and soul and strengthen your spirit to the level that you can foresee anything fearful, and thus beat the living crap out of whatever in your presence that might haunt you. Fontän has poured hundreds of generations’ musical expressions in their filter of Swedish west coast psychedelia to let three tracks drop down on your turntable. The band feel no fear to break musical conventions, but yet they pay true homage to their predecessors.