“Since the birth of the band in 2007, Tross has carefully handled and developed the cosmic heritage. Today, in 2016, with the release of “The Walrus – EP” on Höga Nord Rekords they continue to cultivate the gems of the further out regions of far out music from the past five decades back. The trip that will take you to the psychedelic Arctic takes off in an open and airy landscape with the Ashra inspired “Time leaves us”. On the second track “Gagarin”, Tross cuts the waves deeper and dives into a Patrik Vian inspired submarine landscape. The B-side has a louder and messier feel to it and the melodies rest upon a roundhouse swinging beat. Your’e being dropped down between two ferocious sailors beating it out on the docks! Tross is alive in the icescapes of the far north - the tusks of the walrus digs deep and won’t let you go.”