Drums, bass, saxophone. Three main ingrediences for the three members in Kriget. In this gorgeous 7" they´ve added mad nice electronics. It´s krauty, spacey, free jazzy etcetera, so forth, blah blah blah. Lets settle at free music for free people. A-side Din Cons bass seduces you so subtle that you hardly notice that you´re about to take off for a ride that you can´t fight. Only feel. When you think you´ve landed safe and sound its time for side B: Sama kicks of like a no-nonsense session with a sleazy elektroschaman who wants to hypnotize and program you with so vicious methods that the CIA would be impressed. When the acid kicks in at the end it´s time to breathe slowly and quietly repeat for yourself: Keep calm and remember that being paranoid doesn't mean they aren´t after you. Releasedate 2015-03-15. Pre-orders taken now!