The story of Tross could have ended on a terminal station in the Stockholm subway, at a mail center in Gothenburg or on a island on the swedish westcoast called Tjörn. 2009 was the year when the band members disappeared into a heavy haze. Two years later, when three of the original members re-found each other in a bunker at Odenplan, Stockholm they locked themselves in with the collected works of Neu!, Can and Brain Records. Summarized the loneliness, the infinity, the sea and the space in relentlessly driving melodies and rhythms to set your watch by. If Sun Ra was born on Tjörn he had started Tross, If Klaus Dinger had still been in mortal life, he had played in Tross. Höga Nord will release On Board/1514 on 7" vinyl/download the 26th of december, with follow-up full length album in the beginning of 2014. Tross - a band founded upon the seas in space!