The psychedelia of Purple Desert Rain God is playful and innovative in a way that brings early Pink Floyd to mind, where classic blues elements were mixed with tape loops and tremolo/feedback guitars. But more than 50 years has passed since Barret’s trip through universe was caught on tape and the comparison stops there: Purple Desert Rain God is a new take on acid rock! Purple Desert Rain God is nature music and transcendental dance music and they overlap between genuine psychedelia and electronic music with filter sweeps on guitars and drums. Sudden bursts of drum fills brakes the monotonous groove and amplifies the feeling of lost control and the band often balances on what is considered a beat that is on time. However, they keep momentum and hammers the pulse on your eardrums, into your mind. To add some more mystery the band gives this explanation to their name: "Deep in the purple desert is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the Rain God is always one step beyond logic."


Höga Nord Rekords proudly presents Birds from London. Birds or Katie Wilkinson is relatively new as a producer but has been DJ-ing and playing in bands for the last nine years, marinating herself in interesting underground music. This 7”, Transcendental Phases / Tunnel Vision is her first release on Höga Nord Rekords. Birds is a declaration of love to electronic music and psychedelia. The vocals in Tunnel Vision bares traces from the psychedelic pioneers of the 60’s – Think Roky Erikson with a Roland 303! Birds’ music is powerful and monotonous and she creates a dirty, warm and monumental soundscape. The production is airy and dynamic Wilkinson mean that “we must try and find harmony in what we have and try and aim towards something positive, despite the fact that we live in a society that’s been completed fucked via the selfish behaviour of others (and most probably, ourselves at times).” With Brexit and the new wave of racism, spreading over Europe Birds makes music for a generation left with little hope but with the desire for something to long for.


The Mothership has come! It has arrived in the form of the strictly limited collection box “Upwards At 33 1/3 Degrees” (48 copies), containing all singles released on the label between 2017 and 2020. The Höga Nord – galaxy resounds of all good between strict electro and loose jams, fluffy krautrock and moist world music to underwater techno and space funk. Although, what it is that defines the Höga Nord sound is not genres, instead it is, to cite Mathias Nilsson, founder of and boss for the label, music “strongly connected to fantasy, to the creative world.” Creativity over profit! The collection is an overview on Gothenburg’s underground music and on an international scene that breathes similar air as the local Swedish acts that Höga Nord Rekords has chosen to highlight. The kinship between Pardon Moi’s 80’s varnish sports car-electro and DRUK 11000’s more traditional mountain sound can appear distant but the artists come together in their free spirited approach to their own productions – what all acts on this collection has in common is that they move toward something new, something beyond the genre they are in. “Upwards At 33 1/3 Degrees” mark the closer for Höga Nords first run. The 2010s are over and the 2020s lies open for further investigation of the cream of the Swedish and international of underground scenes!


Höga Nord rekords proudly presents Frak! Frak was formed in the southern coastal town of Karlskrona by Jan ”Zwarre” Svensson, Björn Isgren and Johan Sturesson in 1987. Zwarre is also founder of the legendary experimental electro label “Börft Records” which through the years has gained both national and international recognintion. From the beginning, Frak stood for an alternative to the hair metal hegemony of their hometown Karlskrona where they, in the early days got chased from venues by the locals. “The rednecks hated us” Isgren told Resident Advisor in an interview made some years ago. However, unlike Poison, Fraks sound is still appealing and “Ternary Fission EP”, as well as all their earlier releases has all the elements necessary for a sophisticated electronic act: dark and suggestive electro and techno! If you need musical compositions for the stranded atomic submarine U-137, test flights of the Swedish fighter jet JAS 39-Gripen, the Soviet space programme, the first manned mission to Mars or the transition to the bunker society, Frak is a strong and valid option!


It is a cliché to describe music as a trip or an ocean or whatever, so this album, Tecwaa’s album “Beyond the Altai” released on Höga Nord Rekords, will in part be described as a snowman: the snowman has its characteristic familiar shape. He is cold yet there is something warm and cuddly about him, something that makes you feel happy and safe. The A side on the album goes from that warm/cold cosy feeling but elements of destruction like melodies in minor keys slowly transforms the album to become only cold and not so cosy - the snow turns grey and the snowman’s smiling mouth becomes a twisted grin. Its contours disappears and the shape dissolves as the snow melts and floats out on the ground beneath its body. As the album develops, the sound gets harder and darker and the York based DJ moves closer to his roots in electro and Roland-machine knob-turning. In some ways, “Beyond The Altai” is a call from the eighties and nineties dancefloors like in the tracks “Back To That Atomic Ether” and “10 Swords” on the B-side but all melts together in Tecwaa’s music to create his own obstinate and loose sound!


Berlin based Dame Bonnet makes music influenced by post punk and cold wave and with a primitive and reverb-drenched production he creates a tragic dream for the listener to sink in to. The music has a sentimental feel to it but the pretentions are avoided thanks to the direct sound and the unremitting drums which contributes to give the tracks a forward momentum instead of a stuck in place-feeling. Dame Bonnet makes sad club music with traces from the early eighties In England, a society ravaged by the cold individualism as a result to neo conservative politics - a time that resembles ours, where people gets categorized out of prejudice and the social welfare systems are uninstalled bit by bit in front of a sparser crowd of woke people. In Europe, now in the 2020s, a supposed dead ultraconservative monster is coming alive again and Dame Bonnets music makes the soundtrack to that process. This release, Dame Bonnets first on Höga Nord Rekords, captures, though the songs are all instrumental, an unpleasant atmosphere in our time. The music has its roots in 1980s England but it fits perfect also for the cold present of 2020.


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Inviting slow disco and spaced out ambient characterizes this new material from Golden Bug and In Fields on their collaboration-album ”Vibrations Métalliques”. Golden Bugs kind of extrovert and electronic sound is recognizable from his previous 7” release on Höga Nord Rekords and together with In Fields it gets dressed in a fluffier costume. This album is the result of two persons with tons of respect for one another musically, two musicians who have been floating past and sometimes in two each others projects for the last couple of years. Their musical roots In ”Leftfield Land” intertwine and reaches up above ground, connecting to different musical stems and holds together the sound; like sightseeing in a familiar town this album has outer limits but as unpredictable as the city can be, this record surprises you from one track to the other. The album has a springtime feel to it in all its’ brightness, but suddenly it shifts shape in a song like ”Lush”, picked straight from the factory floor. This album is both a standoff and a board meeting in electronic music. Golden Bugs metallic excentricity meeting with In Fields darkness and live feel creates an unpredictability and the music goes on an exploratory trip far away!


UK based Tecwaas background is in the early Yorkshire rave scene, which makes you understand his music on a deeper level. His tasteful turning of knobs on the Roland 303 takes you back to in time to an early morning somewhere round 1990 with a diesel generator pushed to the limit roaring somewhere in the background. But Tecwaas music is a lot more than a trip in time: the sound is modern and extremely well produced where the few but exquisite sounds hook in to each other naturally and creates a round solid groove. The sound varies from airy and light in ”Xentaeh” to warmer and heavier in the other track ”Ci”. What goes for the sound overall is the somewhat surprising elements in how the songs develop, both in rhythm and sound wise. Teecwas music bare traces of trance, rave, early techno and so on but you could call it ”uplifting, psychedelic leftfield house” and this is his first release on Höga Nord Rekords.


Kanot is Jesper Jarold and Anton Kolbe. With their wide open ears and sharp sense of adaptation they have been involved in some of the last year’s most interesting Swedish musical acts - Fontän, Tross, Uran Gbg, Ultra Satan among others. With the help of Lindha Kallerdahl’s expressive vocals, Jarold and Kolbe weave an eclectic yet durable sonic textile. Call it music for psychadelic hiking, primitive dance beats or speculative folk music - most of all, it is unrestrained music, for the smartest and the dumbest kid in the classroom. In the dense, and at the same time airy production, some drums anchor themselves steadily into the ground while others lash out like reverberating rhythmic gunshots. The tones from Jesper’s guitar and fretless bass float like leaves on the Drangme Chhu River, at times almost drowning in effects only to resurface in surprising and skillfully chiseled melodies that could play forever. This Höga Nord Rekords 7” is just a teaser of an exciting collaboration of which we have yet only seen the opening credits!


Stiletti Ana aka Ilari Larjosto is known for his wide output in the world of cosmic, techno, leftfield, disco and ambient music.  Producer, drummer and sound engineer in all forms Stiletti Ana will always keep making music and keep the main focus rather on timeless quality releases than searching for the hype. His projects include bands like JESSE and Tähtiportti, Austrian Finnish trio Skymax and collaborations with the likes of Dj Fettburger as 358 Men and Skatebård. His new solo album Ab Ovo is the first full length Stiletti-Ana LP and represents his discoveries in the world of heavenly cinematic arpeggios, conga driven ambient and physical 3D drone compositions.


Global tracks is a mystery; browsing the name online gives nothing associated with the artist. All we really know is that Gothenburg is home base. Most points toward that this is Global Tracks first release and Höga Nord Rekords are more than proud to be first out giving his/her music out. With albums like ”Selected Ambient Works” by the Aphex Twin and cities like London and Sheffield as a ground for the sound, Global Tracks displays how breakbeats should sound in 2019. The music is mostly influenced by Jungle, but also by Footwork and Dancehall. The roots lie shallow but the phantom behind this music don’t give up with trying to recreate the nineties straight up, instead he/she develops the legacy from all the best and most drug marinated Dj’s from England circa 1995. Breakbeat has a new vanguard in this mysterious shadow crawler that we know almost nothing about, but rumor has it Global Tracks is locked up with the machines under ground somewhere in Västra Götaland in Sweden working on new broke up beats, ready to surface when the time is right for more, deep and ganja oozing dance music!


Luca Venezia, aka Curses, has with his Carcassonne-mini LP, written and produced a cold wave dream filtered through how all the sci-fi movie soundtracks of the eighties should have sounded like; picture The Cure on a study visit in John Carpenters studio in 1983. This six-track mini LP is Curses first release on Höga Nord Rekords and you can place his music beside other artist in the HNR artists stable, like Jamie Paton and Pardon Moi – eighties influenced dark and expensive sounding electronic music. Luca Venezia also solves the task of putting vocal elements in the tracks with sharpness and precision; the heavy processed reverberating overdubs float in and out on a tastefully low level in the mix. Outside the safe studio walls the discourse is polarised and dumbed down to headlines and introductions, to guttural noises and simplification. Curses music is part of your antidote to this regression and is nor black or white nor simple or safe


The good side wins! Minami Deutsch crushes negativity, sorrow, and depressive energy on their new Höga Nord Rekords release, “Can’t get there”, a five-track EP. Listening to this, the second Minami Deutsch – release on HNR, you get the feeling of leaving half your brain in a Volkswagen down an endless Autobahn in 1972 and one-half lost in the astral plane as boundless light, above space and time. The Japanese psych-scene is being kept vital by picking up all the best influences from all the best psychedelic music and mixing that with a delicate touch of Japanese music tradition. On this EP, you hear all that you love and miss from the 70’s krautrock bands plus a cover on cult band Index’s song “Israeli blues” from 1968. Also on this record are two remixes of the title track by HNR household names Jamie Paton and Mythologen. If Minami Deutsch’s music usually has small or no elements of modernity, (this meant in a good way!) these tracks show new paths for them to try and the sounds marry happily! This record works as a pathway to the inner core of the bands creativity, where there are few limits or boundaries and where you make the trip as hard or as easy as you want…but you’ll end up in a happy fuzzy place no matter what you choose.


Höga Nord Rekords have had the opportunity to work with Al Lover twice before during the last four years and now it’s time for the next step in the relationship between them, this time with the 7” single ”Dark Matter Discothéque / Mark E. Moon”. In these tracks, Lover’s influences mainly stems from a decadent eighties New York or Paris and you can almost smell the heavy perfume mixed with indoors smoking get the feeling of sitting in a room with mirror walls. Right away, listening to the opening bars of ”Dark Matter Discothéque”, you can tell that Lover is on to something new and different from his previous Höga Nord-releases. In some ways you hear similarities to ”Zodiak Versions” (2015) but on these two tracks of the 7”, Lover has left the German regions of Europe and the 70’s behind to instead embrace an updated 80’s sound. He comments the new direction with these words: ”'I'd say the influences for these tracks was mainly me wanting to do something different then I have before. I'm alwyas on to next idea, becoming bored with what I've already done”.


When you put on the first track on the album ”Antisocial Background” by Mythologen your likely to think: “this is THAT kind of an album”, and fell happy with that. But Mythologen aka Alexander Palmestål is not “THAT” kind of an artist and this album reflects his broad musical background. It spans from Japan to USA, from the 70s to the 00s and from cold concrete floors to fluffy cotton clouds. Palmestål, with a background in bands such as Pistol Disco and Iberia now releases his second full-length album on Höga Nord Rekords The album is a play with emotions and genres, with unexpected meetings between major and minor keys and is a collection of tracks where Jungle, Electro, House, Synth and Big Beat are deconstructed and put together as relevant contemporary dance music. The production on “Antisocial background” sometimes sound like a more electronic version of Boredoms but most of the time it puts the listener on the British isles and in the 90’s. Palmestål pays respect to his masters but he is not in any way too careful with their legacy and let, just as on his debut album, influences from the 1970’s and 80’s Nigeria and Soweto.


Rudolf Abramov is a duo based in Berlin and Tel Aviv, which seem to have been a door opener to unexpected musical encounters, because it’s an almost impossible task to sum up their sound in a comprehensible way. In their own words their music is ”a response to a seemingly endless conflict about disgust, acceptance and love.” Now Höga Nord Rekord is releasing their Mini-LP ”Krass Kontrast”. Rudolf Abramov is Roland 303, programmed drums, oriental samples, eastern mysticism and instrumentation dressed as German machine funk, Disco, Turkish psychedelia, Krautrock, EBM and so on, and so on…their music is cosmic, beautiful and boundless. The arpeggio on the track ”Project 4” is running on infinite repeat in a parallell reality where 1982 never ended, where Rudolf Abramov move freely through different dimensions and where they are in total control of their unpredictable creation!


Rooted in Swedish psychedelic folk music, Hanna Östergren (Hills and Träd, Gräs & Stenar) takes a creative new grip on the genre. Under the name of Laughing Eye, Östergren creates spiritual Nordic raga, or nature music that stems back to prehistoric ages. Höga Nord Rekords now releases her debut album. Laughing Eye is more than just music, this is a distillate of ancient superstition, fear, euphoria and nature romanticism. The sound edges on the upper tree line and in the closing track, “Agnetero: huset” Östergren takes a step off the mountain top, into space where the flute melodies float weightless to the outer rim of our solar system. Laughing Eye is deep, warm and embracing sounds for cold urbanized souls, a buzz or a murmur from the far past, translated to music we can interpret.


The Idealist has a lifelong background in out there electronic music and has been suffering just as long from a deep dub passion, which has been present in his works with outfits as Saturn and the Sun, The Skull Defekts, Orchestra of Constant Distress, and numerous collabs. But the dub has never been in full focus. Not until now. Two cuts recorded at the Gothenburg Sound Experiment; "Inner Space Dub" which is a sick, capturing thing and the flipside, "The Fire of Moses Dub" which features vocal by the legendary Genesis Breyer P-Orridge of Psychic TV and Throbbing Gristle. Dub music as close to the late 70's industrial music scene as classic Jamaican stuff which the Idealist loves to the bone. Passionate, honest music which pays tribute to its influences but also succeeds to look forward into the eternal future.


Jamie Paton makes music that loosely skirts between leftfield techno and slo-mo house. “Disk Memories” is his second release on Höga Nord Rekords and finds Paton working in the same spirit as on the previous HNR release from 2017. “Disk Memories” is barren electronic music for the Brexit generation. Paton has established a dystopic electronic sound that aims straight at your frontal lobe, burns in your bones, and projects a lost Europe’s anxiety onto the grey London skies. The music breathes of the cold 1980’s, a time of crisis in England’s history and a vibe to be recognize in today’s society: right-wing winds once again blow hard over the British Isles and Jamie Paton’s music catches the insecurity the wind carries with it. In some ways opening the floodgates to a whole stream of disgruntled, anarcho-electronix surely due to fill the airwaves in this most challenging of years. Like one Mike Smaczylo (from new MCR night, Half Edge) said: 'who the fuck listens to disco in post-Brexit Britain?!'.


Pete “Bassman” Bain, one of the founding members of the UK cult psychrock band Spacemen 3, formed Alpha Stone after Spacemen 3 and his other band The Darkside split up in the mid-nineties. In 1996 the band recorded the album ’Stereophonic Pop Art Music’ and it was released on Bomp! Records on Compact Disc. The album hasn’t had a ”proper” vinyl release until now, 2018, when Höga Nord Rekords continues their collaboration with Pete Bassman by releasing the album. You can clearly hear that Pete Bassman was the driving force behind Alpha Stone; fuzz, synthesiser -sweeps, programmed drums and processed vocals are the cornerstones in Alpha Stone’s sound. Raga-like mantras, heard in Farmer C, lies track to track with more percussion driven grooves and psychedelic pop oriented songs. The album’s sound has obviously survived the 20+ years shelved in obscurity and proves the “Drugby” sound still vital! It’s always hard to sum up a bands particular sound in a few words, but you could say that if you put guitar and bass, synthesisers, a drum machine, and Julian Copes record collection in the hands of an alien, you’ve got Alpha Stone!


Unknown Truths is the debut album from Tony Beardsley (aka Dark Strands). What can be said about this album… for one, it is a body of work that has been crafted as a labour of love with sources of inspiration taken from the late 80’s underground warehouse parties and clubs where no one speed or style of music was played… curve balls as they say, was a good thing. Ambitious maybe… but the only aim of the album was to actually not to have one. No one genre or concept can be applied, but this is not by design, purely accidental as the music weaves between various electronic strands and rhythm forms. Its fair to say that his music has not been compromised to follow latest trends or fashion. It is for everyone, but no one. It’s only true purpose is to liberate senses and provide a lasting sonic soundtrack to the modern age.


Well renowned bass player extraordinaire, Osynlige Mann (URAN GBG, The Exorcist) from Gothenburg releases long awaited new solo material On Höga Nord Rekords. This 7” contains high voltage material; “Airports” and “Exodus” brings tense seventies synth and early eighties electro to the table. The A-side “Airports” is a Kraftwerk inspired elegy over the lumpenproletariat of the machines – aeroplanes. ”No sleep for the big machines, no rest for the sad machines”. The B-side, “Exodus” carries more obvious characteristics from Osynlige Manns other projects and sounds like a more electronic version of URAN GBG! Man and machine can live in peace. But a machines never forgets…


Autarkic describe himself as first and foremost a songwriter but he has also made a name for himself as an international DJ. Over the past three years the musician based In Tel Aviv has, with great success, played clubs throughout all of Europe. One extra memorable gig was on last year’s edition of Convenanza in the amphitheatre in Sète, France. Rumour has it that the sea living mammals of the area flocked in large groups in the waters below during Autarkic’s gig. This 12” record is his first release on Höga Nord Rekords and the slightly psychedelic, sample- and synthesiser based club music that has become Autarkic’s trademark sound is captured by an impeccable production. The music is playful, yet stripped down to the essentials and not overloaded. The vocal elements works more as percussive elements than the carrier of the storytelling in the music. If you missed him live or just don’t have the means to go see him, this record give a taste of Autarkic’s hypnotic live performances!


Mythologen, aka Alexander Palmestål follows last year’s debut album “Mythologen” with the 12” EP “Church Music”. This EP is a love declaration to London’s club scenes and some of the titles are named after parts of districts in south east London. The tracks on this record are free and loose in its melodies and you hear that he has worked on pure intuition in the song making process, inspired by the surrounding smells, sounds and people. As explosively impressing as the album was, is also “Church Music” and the airy, uplifting sound that has become part of Mythologen’s trademark, is developed with a sacral touch. Alexander Palmestål have since the days of Pistol Disco in the early 2000’s been one step ahead of most acts in ”leftfield” dance music and have created an own musical space to exist in – something most artist never achieve! “Church Music” consolidates Mythologen’s position as both a guardian and an innovator of modern dance music.


Antoine Harispurus was raised by a robot called V.I.C.T.O.R. The robot took care of little Antoine and early on he gave him music lessons and also the right equipment, for example a Roland 808. Robotic, mechanical precision became significant for Antoines music and soon he left the safety of his mothers toy store for the huge European club scene under his new pseudonym ”Golden Bug”. This year he releases two songs as a 7” vinyl and in digital format on Höga Nord Rekords. The A-side, ”Viaje A Tenderloin” sounds like the inside of an East German military liaison in 1975 where the tabulating machines haven’t had service since the raise of the Berlin wall. On the B-side ”Hitodama”, guest vocalist Jessica Ho is plays with her voice in a bubbly way above Golden Bugs characteristic metallic, world music influenced sounds and beats. The music would fit perfectly in a vast alien mountain landscape. In conclusion, the music on this 7” is the sound of human and robot in close symbiosis - Golden Bug is music by robot and human for robot and human.


Last years (2017) edition of Convenanza featured Swedish band Fontän, who have released material on Höga Nord Rekords, and that set the ground for a collaboration between the record label and one of the most interesting festivals around. The joint forces has resulted in the compilation album “Convenanza 2018” containing this years (2018) live acts. The five artists are: electro oozing duo Woodleigh Research Facility, consisting of Andrew Weatherall and Nina Walsh, etno-minimalist Komodo Kollektif from Galsgow with, among others, Gordon Mackinnon who’s running the top quality label Invisible Inc. The more rock oriented side of “Convenanza 2018” contains Berlin based Die Wilde Jagt, whose sound can be defined as some sort of post punk where strong chorus drenched basslines float upon a smooth electronic soundscape with both live drums and drum machines as the back bone to the beat. Wild Woman And The Savages could best be described as the result of an orgy between PIL and The Birthday Party! The Limiñanas, with special guest Anton Newcombe, contribute to the collection a garage rock track suited for long hot drives through the dessert. Weatherall’s unfailing “fingerspitzengefühle” in picking artists for the festival gets repeated yet again and if you for some unexplainable reason fail to make it to Carcassonne this year, the magic from the old castle still can reach your senses with the help from this compilation!


On Ultra Satans second 7” release on Höga Nord Rekords, the band is developing a new genre and concept: ”Freedom Rock”, which is also the title on one of the tracks. ”Freedom Rock” is a step beyond ”World Music” which would be the wrong label when Ultra Satan sounds too spaced out and out of this world. On the second track ”Anti-Clock”, Ultra Satan hit strikes against the hysterical Swedish mortgage market, how safety destroys creativity and also against the worthless tokens of appreciation you receive from our corrupt and ultra capitalistic society. Ultra Satan is like a space being, living alone in an enormously big and empty space station, orbiting our planet. With mathematical precision this genius creates music that effects us earthlings on a transcendental plane and shakes the foundation we lead or lives upon.

HNR025 - DRUK 11000

Höga Nord Rekords is finally releasing DRUK11000! This 7” is a collaboration between Silverbullit, Fontän and the Bhutanese group AA Yang – ensemble. The project took shape during a mythical trip to Bhutan where the Swedish composer and multi instrumentalist Johan “The Count” Westman who’s living in the country, hooked the altitude sick Scandinavian musicians up with AA Yang – ensemble. The local monks then blessed the musicians under mystical ceremonial procedures. With protection from the dragon of thunder, DRUK11000 has produced some of the most powerful, loving and life embracing music yet to have been released on Höga Nord Rekords! The songs springs toward the top of Gangkhar Puensum, Bhutans highest mountain, building a mighty storm, noticeable all the way to the Scandinavian woodlands!


Rickard Jäverling, born and raised in Borlänge, Sweden, and now living and working in Stockholm is a wayward and productive musician. Besides releasing material under his own name, Jäverling is/has been part of constellations such as Dödens Dal, Liljor and Jäverling <> von Euler. Album 3, released on Höga Nord Rekords is his third solo album. Album 3 breathes psychedelia, dub, Swedish folk, “progg” and continental vintage electronic music. The songs on this album are in a way like a compilation of short stories rather than chapters in a novel. The common factor in this album is Jäverlings’ exquisitely worked out melodies and the warm, round production but the songs can, due to the rich storytelling qualities of each one of them, almost be regarded as small albums of their own! The music made by Richard Jäverling is an embrace, a relative with a house by the Swedish west coast or a day off, midweek in April. This album is inviting and calming but also as solid and mighty as a Dalecarlian beech tree.


“Music of the stars” and “music to get lost to” are words thoughts expressed about Tross’ music. The band have always had the ability to place the listener in a bubble of introspection and escapism…in the most positive way! Hence such opinions. The band members themselves rate the joys of discovery and not looking back, two of the leading factors in creating their sound - no hesitation, no regression – and this comes clear on their second full length album The Overview Effect, released on Höga Nord Rekords. Captured on this album is the feeling of true presence created when musicians play together and not for themselves to prove their skills for each other and the listener. No show off – just boogie! Thanks to this holistic take on creating music, the sound is kept airy and the few overdubs made are carefully executed. The band focuses more than before on rhythm. On The Overview Effect, Tross have fallen deeper into Disco and Jungle Funk, approaching the nerve of their live appearances clearer than on their previous records, creating dance music for spaced out kids. So. Cancel all your meetings, stretch flat out, put on the first track, Synthesis, and feel the warmth of the earth’s core brake through the soil and embrace you like a soft blanket in a harsh reality.


Finnish band Jesse makes unsentimental and innovative music. What you hear on “Fluids”, released as a picture disc LP on Höga Nord Rekords, is the sounds of four creative brains’ journey into the music universe of the future. Their music is influenced by earth and space – Jesse’s astral and cosmic disco is prospective, totally boundless, and vibrant of life and blood. The production sounds luxurious and helps the psychedelic qualities to shine through the sound. Jesse, who with their first releases some ten years ago played fast and arrogant synth based music, now picks up influences from afro beat, funk and ambient but they’ve kept the electronic core of their sound – simple chord structures rest upon cool synthesized waves of sound, like a glider carried upwards on the thermals between the summits of the Andes. Soft, pliable and mighty! Jesses music is dreamy but not unworldly and one thing that makes them special is their ability to place the listener on the edge of their safety zone. There, in the frontier, they explore the possibilities of cross over music.


We all know that when it´s a real vibe you can´t go wrong. If you add talent and hearth to that you got gunpowder for pure bangers. And that´s exactly what we at Höga Nord Rekord wanted to accomplish with the sixth release of our UK 12” series. Consequently we contacted Jo Howard from Sunderland in the North East of England.  As a producer and DJ he uses the alias Bird of Paradise. Smoking Weekend is the name of the four track EP. BoP came to prominence via his output on labels such as Jennifer Cardin´s Correspondant imprint and New Yorks Throne of Blood. His debut e.p on the former reached number one in the Juno download techno charts in December 2015. As a DJ, he has honed his skills both at his own parties Cubik and Body Talk. As well as being a resident at Man Powers ´Tourist Parties´ wich have afforded him the opportunity to play alongside Todd Terje, John Talabot, Daniel Avery and Ivan Smagghe.  Jo is raised on a steady diet of punk/post punk, and learning to play instrumentation from an early age defines why Jo´s way of arranging music and his eclectic taste is different to his peers. Something that fits Höga Nord more than hand in gloves. We prefer to ride it like bareback pirates as you should know by now.  The Smoking Holiday EP opens with Tito. The spooky oblique intro will soon start to roll deep into a dark cadenced haunting and whispering tune that will twist, trance and tribal your mind back to the early 90s mornings. On a loving, yet a bit dark and grimey, dance floor in- or outdoors. Second track Joy-Rides will lug your brains and fizzle your feet with its eclectic format. Ambient mixed up with rhythmic techno and bleep - a good appetizer of Bird of Paradises DJ-sets. B-side chugs on with the title track and ends with a electro tune that sends funky fresh flirtations to Andrew Weatheralls and Keith Tenniswoods project Two Lone Swordsmen. Bird of Paradise: It´s authentic, can´t go wrong! 


As founding member of Uran, with a past in cult bands such as Lava, and appearing on stage and in studio with some of Gothenburg’s more prominent acts, makes Jerker Jarold one of the cornerstones in the city’s psychedelic scene. By the name of Västlänken, Jarold is now making his first release as a solo artist on Höga Nord Rekords. The music on the tracks Moebel and Autobaba, is a mixture of dub, ambient and techno where few but tasteful components builds the sound. Västlänkens transcendent qualities lies in Jarolds ability to limit himself in matter of recording techniques and instrumentation; one synthesiser , one delay pedal and one mobile studio is all he need to make delicate dub. Activate your pineal gland and meditate yourself free from general angst with Gothenburg’s last shaman!


A lot of bands are trying what The Exorcist GBG are doing, to make timeless, mind bending music but they often fail in reaching all the way. The Exorcist GBG is the band that seem to exist in a dimension, much like ours but that lacks time as we know it; time is stretchable backwards and forward, and being in this dimension allows you to travel while, still staying in one place. Call it time travel if you will or moving outside of time rather. The Exorcist GBG does this. Also they reach our dimension. The members who also can be found in Uran, Ultra Satan, and Exotique among others, formed The Exorcist GBG in 2012 and started by playing illegal techno clubs for the true undercurrent citizens of Gothenburg, Sweden. The reputation of this dangerous psychedelic band, who plays funk the way funk should be played soon reached Stockholm where they got a cult following just by word of mouth. Over the past four years their following has grown exponentially! The recording of “II” was a trip into the abyss and back, with a lot of time and money spent, outrage from the members and record label executives biting their nails down to the bone. But that is how The Exorcist GBG works – tension is a vital part of this bands nature, hence it’s sound. The tracks’ aggressive approach and the feeling of being possessed by something evil lurking inside of you mirrors the process of making this album. But listening to the album back to back and hearing how the songs intertwine, lets the true face of The Exorcist shine brightly over you. “II”, released on Höga Nord Rekords is dimension expanding and time dissolving music.


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Dungeon Acid, bred in Gothenburg’s (Sweden) obscure music scene during the eighties and nineties, releases his second 7” on Höga Nord Rekords. Dog Acid and Sex Beat focuses on those remote corners where Jean-Louis Huhta have rooted his musicality. With legendary bands like Cortex, Anti Cimex and The Skull Defekts on his resume, Huhta is most definitely one of the most interesting artists in Sweden! The music on this 7” breathes sex, concrete and dark seas. The tracks differ in instrumentation but they expresses the same feeling: uncomplicated and straightforward components, perfectly balanced In relation to each other, shutting down unnecessary body function, aiming for your lower back. Spastic curling synthesisers rests upon soundwaves heavier than the swell against the Norwegian North Atlantic coast. Dungeon Acid is the miner of your record crate – hard at work finding the nuggets in punk, rock and electro to develop the strict techno.


Since the start in 2013, Höga Nord Rekords has focused on releasing uncompromising music from creative international artists. There runs several different musical threads, parallel through their catalogue but they cross on many spots and in these intersections, you grasp the heart and soul of the record label. Where you find the lines crossing is individual but this box gives you the opportunity to approach Höga Nord Rekords core ambition of releasing high quality, mind-altering music. The box contains of the singles HNR011 – HNR020, packaged in a beautiful handmade box from Norrmalms Cardboard box factory in Stockholm, Sweden. The box holds 13 7” singles, amongst them an exclusive one-track single from Pistol Disco, Assault. Except the records, you will also get a limited patch with “Carl Bertil Jonsson”-artwork. The singles box is strictly limited to 30 copies. The music in the box consists of secret spy-funk from F.A.T.M.A., “More is more”-world music from Ultra Satan, mechanical, progressive Big Beat-electro from Tentakel, Punk from Paper, psychedelia from Brian Jonestown Massacre and lots more. All wrapped in tasteful packaging! This unique collector’s item combines untamed musical talent with thought through artwork-design: a trademark for Höga Nord Rekords since day one.


Swedes are known to have big confidence in authorities and conventions. Among the people living in Sweden, who take a stand against the above is one of the country’s most creative producers and musicians, Jocke Åhlund (Teddybears STHLM, Les Big Byrd, Caesars etc.). Under the pseudonym Max Von Sydow his creativity shines brightly and here is some long awaited new material released on a 7” on Höga Nord Rekords. The music of Max Von Sydow is unruly and still thoughtful in its approach to incorporate a wide range of musical traditions: psychedelic music from seven continents shares sound and arrangement in the two tracks Cardbore Pope and Insecto. The instrumentation on the A-side is unclear in the most positive sense. The melodies soars higher and higher over acid drenched guitars and drums and takes new shapes as the instrument playing them varies, creating a sky for the listener to soar through. The thin and aggressive Insecto sounds as jerky and unpredictable as the title implies. An orchestra of ants celebrating weekend in the ant hills rehearsal space. Loose the grip, have a shot of formic acid and listen to Max Von Sydow!


For starters: to pin down and value Andrew Weatherall’s musical deed takes more space than available in a press release text but here is some of many highlights. As a producer, Weatherall has since he first shook the foundation for modern pop music with ground breaking and genre bending remixes of Primal Scream (Loaded), My Bloody Valentine (Soon) New Order (World In Motion) and many other influential acts, continued to push sounds in to unknown territories. His importance as a musician is as big, with bands like the iconic Sabres Of Pardise and Two Lone Swordsmen in the 90’s and top quality solo records from the 00’s up till today. With the above In mind, Höga Nord Rekords are proud to announce the release of Andrew Weatherall new album Qualia! This album fits perfect in to the Höga Nord – Catalogue, which shows clearly already from the opening track Evidence The Enemy. This song is a monotonous yet uplifting piece of music, a case that holds for the album in full; Weatherall lets the melodies, built on a deep tradition of classical music and later developed by bands such as Kraftwerk, go in major scales, which lets fresh air in and creates a feeling of freedom. The music put you on top of Mont Blanc to overview the complete European music history. Qualia is soothing, harmonic and transporting. Within his framework, Weatherall knocks those frames out of place from time to time. When a song goes to much in one direction a new melody or a new instrument steps in to redirect and surprise the listener. This album is the perfect soundtrack to a road trip inside your own, ever-changing inner landscape. Andrew Weatherall contributed strongly to form the music of the nineties; club music got an injection of rock and roll and vice versa. Now the legacy continues with the release of Qualia on Höga Nord Rekords.


Music must be free. Freedom in music is often suppressed by lack of, or by obstacles for creativity, which stops forward progression. The development that Fontän’s songs have gone through, reaching this EP is unexpected and surprising but still, the bodies and characters of the original songs are intact and recrafted with fingerspitzengefühle. From the core of Fontän’s psychedelic and dreamy music, the artists involved on this release have hit cuts and chips off like Cro-Magnon people creating specific tools. Tools with the power to blow holes open in the listeners mind. Fontän’s music has fascinated and captured a choosy audience for over a decade now, and many are those who have, or have wanted to remix their material. This time, in the shape of an ambitious 12” EP, various artists’ love for the band’s music shines brightly: The Covenanza Remixes is released on Höga Nord Rekords and is strictly limited to 300 physical copies. The record comes out by reason of Fontän’s gig on Andrew Weatherall’s prestigious festival “Covenanza” in September this year (2017). Fontän have had the honour to be remixed by some of the most interesting names in electronic music: Red Axes, Timothy J. Fairplay, Khidja, Mythologen and Pardon Moi give their take on tracks from the duo’s latest release Fontän (Höga Nord Rekords, 2017). The music moves in the landscapes of Leftfield, Techno, House and New Wave. The evolution of Fontän continues from the cold and barren landscapes of the Swedish west coast, through some of the deepest cave like studios in Europe, out on to the continental club scene.


Berlin based Pardon Moi, consisting of James Brook and Thomas Freudenthal, makes music that would fit perfect as a soundtrack for a ride in a Ferrari GTO convertible, or on a transatlantic flight on a Concorde. Unfortunately, vintage Ferraris are ridiculously expensive and Concords are taken out of flight but still the music creates an air of luxury and decadence for you to fill your lungs and air with. This 7” release on Höga Nord Rekords is the first on the label but the duo have released material on Nein Records and Vocoder Electro. Pardon Moi’s sound is warm, creative, uplifting and retro thanks to the use of analogue synthesisers. These take on a big role on both tracks, Power To The People/Touch 2 Much. Electro, synth pop, and electronic disco has influenced the duo’s sound on this 7”. The musical direction is toward the future ,to a utopia built on a world where the 90s never happened. This is retro futuristic dance music, but the music don’t stop with being only nostalgic but holds qualities that would make any actor within any scene of modern electronic dance music envy. Listen to the sound of a million bucks never spend. Save your money and travel cheap yet classy with Höga Nord Rekords and Pardon Moi!


Timothy J. Fairplay is revisiting Höga Nord Rekords to release the 12” EP Mindfighter: photosensitive electronic music from one of the pillars of the modern meaningful dance music scene. Together with Scott Frasier, T.J.F. is running the record label “Crimes Of The Future” and he is also known as one half of The Asphodells together with Andrew Weatherall. This is his second release on Höga Nord Rekords and his first EP on the label. The feeling of full control characterizes every second of Mindfighter. As usual, T.J.F picks up influences from everywhere; House, techno, electro, kraut rock and psychedelia forms the sound of this release and creates a unique sound. Drips of discrete and contrasting nuances colours the monotonous and hypnotic groove and creates the effect of double exposition, like in the track Jennifer Has Some Strange Ideas that develops in to a love affair between Hi fi and Lo fi. The build-ups are exquisitely balanced and compassionate and in Nightmare City the melodies resounds from some horror movie soundtrack by John Carpenter or Fabio Frizzi. The title of this EP comes from a cult computer game from the eighties. The game is about a boy with supernatural psychic abilities who wakes up in a post nuclear war Southampton, in an England run by right wing extremists. A theme not impossible to put in present time. Mindfighter shows once again that Timothy J. Fairplay is on to something different. The craftsmanship is undoubted on this trip into a dystopic Europe, in a not so distant future.


The systems that maintain the total spreading and keeps the western civilisation enslaved under the foot of capitalism are destroyed. The analogue reality reaches you unfiltered and seven billion screens show white noise. The fax network is the only thing working… Höga Nord Rekords proudly present Ultra Satan! A body that have lent blood from other acts on the label, such as SPR, Tentakel, Fontän and Uran GBG, are releasing their first 7”. Ultra Satan displays with the two tracks USA and USB, an almost unprecedented unrestrained creative force, stemmed from the ambition to destroy and rebuild. Rebuild something free and unexplored. Ultra Satan works with the concept of “More is More” and with that principal they capture the Zeitgeist of over consumption, global warming and skew resource allocation. The music presents one part of the whole ambition of this group, and is the strongest sounding source right now. But the more long going plans of this collective, band or whatever you want to call it, is by secret networks to connect all the freaks who also sense that the end of the world as we know it will come to an end sooner than later. Ultra Satan is ahead musically, philosophically, politically and spiritually. Join the gathering!


There are many ways for a band or an artist to compile an album: some make it in a week and some let the process go on longer. The latter approach does often mean that that the record will not be better than had it been recorded and mixed within a short amount of time, rather the contrary. However, there are those albums that just could not be made within in a week or a month, those compilation of songs that needed the time to melt together to form an album. Fontäns third album titled “Fontän”, released on Höga Nord Rekords is that kind of an album. Put the opening track “Mangsebung” on, then stay with the record until the closer “Shadows” rings out and you will go clear, sharp, and mildly messed up by the listening experience because this is an extremely well directed trip in mind-altering music! This album needed time to reach such heights. The width of range in influences has become somewhat of a trademark for Fontän. Magma, Pink Floyd, Bhutanese and Nordic folk music, Manuel Göttsching and Ashra, Robert Fripp and King Crimson, Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Talking Heads, DJ Shadow, Brian Eno, Boards of Canada, are some of the music that has made a mark on the psychedelic duo. One of the main differences though between Fontän and other bands with a similar setup of names to drop is that many cannot transform those musical traditions into timeless and boundless songs like those in Fontäns catalogue. With Johan Melin’s and Jesper Jarold’s love for music and non-sentimental creative approach, this album proves that the band never gets hung up on trying to sound like the past masters, but to develop what they once started. 2017 will be the year when Fontän once again challenges the framework for genre bending music. “Fontän” captures the inspired and unafraid feeling from their releases in 2016 but is managed and even more refined on this album. This is Fontäns evolution.


Who's the captain of the ship? Who's eyes hide behind the surveillance cam? Who steers your steps out in in the industrial outback? High Boys, who are The Idealist (Joackim Nordwall) and Dungeon Acid (Jean-Louis Huhta), won’t let you be in control of the listening experience; by using steel clad beats they’ll hold you in to a state of submission. Their music is created to be hard and direct – the few, thoroughly chosen sounds that build the construction that is High Boys’ sound, builds the conditions for each other. Exactly everything in the “World Dumbination-EP”, released on 12” vinyl and in digital form on Höga Nord Rekords, is as important to the full sound. High Boys is analogue music for a digital generation. The analogue approach is heard partly in the very sounds on these four tracks, partly in how stripped down the music is; there are but a few elements that are in play but those elements are exquisite in both how they are tuned and how they are placed to corporate with each other. This record is not for you if you are not ready to leave a bit of your integrity in the hands of Huhta and Nordwall. The reward waits for those who see the value in letting two professionals in the art of dance music write the design for you. All you need to do is to let the power of this music pound your head numb. High Boys is control. High Boys is hypnosis. High Boys is strict techno.


San Francisco based producer Al Lover’s list of collaborations contain names like The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Goat and White Fence, and he has remixed bands like The Night Beats and Thee Oh Sees. Except from producing mind-altering music, Al Lover is also the official DJ of Levitation and tours Europe extensively. Al Lover’s double album release “Zodiak versions” on Höga Nord Rekords (2015) opened up for a beautiful cooperation between the label and the artist and now the two parts are taking it to the next level with the release of The Nymphaea Caerulea EP. On this picture disc EP, a third player flavors the music and that is Cairo Liberation Front (CLF). Residing in Tilburg this collective represents the future of European club music lends equally from House, punk and psychedelia, filtered through generations of hedonistic groove. The six tracks on this picture disc EP holds the essence of what psychedelic dance music is about – escapism. Where to escape? Well, due their sound, CLF could just as well be from where their name implies because this record oozes more of northern Africa than of northern Europe. It puts the listener outside of time somewhere on the banks of the Nile, just before dawn. The combination of Al Lover’s use of samples, drum machines, live instrumentation and analog synthesizers, clashes beautifully with the fierce energy of the CLF’s sound of cracked software, American hip-hop, Euro house and Arabic rhythms. This is the score to the next Arabic spring.


Jamie Paton, one half of the duo Cage and Aviary has in interviews expressed his thoughts about if “Slouchy techno” can be viewed as an own genre. The answer lies in this 7” – “Telefuture / Blind Summit” - released on Höga Nord Rekords, on which the label above is highly appropriate to sum up the sound. The tracks contain elements from the your techno favorites dating three decades back, but the tempo and the production creates a slouchy (in the words most positive sense) feeling clearly influenced by the slow motion house of Cage and Aviary. Paton’s relationship with nature comes through on both sides of this single. For example, you hear it in the space-echo effects of “Blind Summit”, which places you in the natural echo chamber of a grove and like the trees surrounding you shifts in colors through the seasons, so does the music where a certain figure recurs to mark the transition from one part to the next. “Telefuture / Blind Summit” holds depth; Paton has dug down to the sediments created by alternative club music from where he picks samples to be examined in the fluorescent light in his laboratory. The music can be described as some sort of chemical reaction; the songs are characterized by the creator’s curiosity in how isolated, deep lying elements react with the leftovers in his test tubes. Some parts blend and those mixes gets refined to create the beauty of Jamie Patons music.


Alexander Palmestål was fifty procent of the electro duo Pistol Disco – a band that during the 00’s bustled around in the music scene of Gothenburg and became known for having a certain sound and for their unpredictable and often magical live shows. The later incarnation of the band took a step away from the German 70’s influences to move towards a more club friendly universe. In 2015 the band released the 7” ”Goo/Pool” on Höga Nord Rekords which was their last release and now Palmestål, under the name Mythologen, make a release on Höga Nord Rekords. Mythologen continues building on the foundations that Pistol Disco and Palmestål’s other band Iberia was made upon. The songs on this album named “Mythologen” is the perfect combination of the fragility and melancholy of Iberia and Pistol Disco’s monotony and drive. Underneath layers of dreamy, free floating synthesizers and restrained yet steady drumbeats lies muffled melodies waiting for the air to be let in. And then, all of a sudden the clouds disappear and the sunlight is beaming down over the music, like on the closing track “Brighter Summer Day”. In other songs on the album the darkness is more present, embodied by polyrhythmic tribal drums giving the music weight and suggestion. “Mythologen” is the soundtrack for recovering from a depression. The album seduces the whole spectrum of your moodswings, eliminates your ego and moves your focus from the past to the future.


Second only to the JFK-murder, the investigation of the assassination of Swedish prime minister Olof Palme in 1986 is the largest unsolved murder investigation in history. And like there’s numerous of theories surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy so is also the case concerning the assassination of Olof Palme: “The PKK trace”, “The police trace”, The military league” are amongst many other explanation models, the headlines of the most popular conspiracy theories connected with this huge murder investigation. In Februari 2016, exactly 30 years after the shots on Sveagatan in Stockholm, F.A.T.M.A. laid the finishing touch on the two tracks “Cirklar” and “Dirty Beat” which Höga Nord Rekords now releases on 7” record. The genre can be labelled “conspiracy funk”, where the underlying message is thoroughly masked with a beat that only true professionals on funk, elektro and dub can mobilize. When the bass drops on “Dirty Beat” it is clear that the search for best dance track in 2016 is over! The musicians behind F.A.T.M.A. are no rookies but they keep an anonymous approach: the secrecy surrounding the band fits well with the suggestion of their music and the secret agent/spy aura that encircles their sound. As undercover as SÄPO-agents in a 1987 SAAB 9000 creeping up and down the streets of late eighties Stockholm, F.A.T.M.A. works their way forward in drawing the map over the confusing Palme investigation, and also over how nerve bending dance music should sound like. Yeah baby…


In this age of pre-set play lists and total sharing of music, you more or less get served what you expect to hear. Your musical preferences are predictable and you – with little or no effort - get access to music that suits your self-image perfectly and places you in a safe zone. But what if these babysitting services went on vacation and you’re suddenly left alone in the post-industrial outback? Where do you start looking? At first listen you might feel that the songs on “Loving Hell” by Vox Low, released on Höga Nord Rekords, might not suit your needs in such a cold, harsh existence. But that’s where you’re wrong. Vox low’s sound might first appear frightening and cold to you but the tracks on this EP most of all carries with them depth, energy and persistence: the perfect soundtrack to reboot your system to and to get you going straight forward without looking back. This is music for the aftermath of a cathartic experience, music that generates a propulsion that makes you wanna walk on that road forever, music to help you rediscover what punk, rock and electronica really should be about – gut feeling.


No wools, no blerts. Jus’ smoov style. We are talking about scouserin´ and swervin’. And Leeds finest Antony Beardsley in perticular. A lone gunman producing analogue, slow paced dance music influenced by pioneers like Andrew Weatherall, Richard D. James and Danny Wolfers. Sometimes all you need is some service. And that’s exactly what Höga Nord will give you with this four track EP by the name The Last Ride’. Opening title track sounds like Mr Kowalski, top dressed’ in a white track suit, speeding away for the vanishing point. The Last Ride would be the soundtrack of choice for Mr. Kowalskis Requiem for the American Dream. The organic baselines seduces you like the bright side of the illusion of that sleazy dream. A-sides second track ’We Own The Night’ will chug you all nite long. And B-sides ’Black Dog’ will make your mornings velvet with evil heat. Straight acid approach. Magic Feet Recordings, Stripped Off and Clouded Vision Records has already released him. But in Gothenburg we stay Höga and only settles for the best. We mentioned service earlier. We are also a crew. And this time we’re really doing you. All night long. Some darker morning when we’re straight - lets open up... We do dat doe dont we doe. Friendly, witty, welcoming and all. But it isn't called dirty for no reason. All love, charm and bifter - get lifted!


“The greedy man is running out of space, while we run in outer space.” In a world where fair, sustainable production and high quality seems to be philosophical aspirations rather than reality, we decided to take matters into our own hands. The result? -HÖGA NORD WEAR. We bring you the highest quality goods. Produced by people we know. Fair and simple. HÖGA NORD WEAR leaves mass-produced merch behind and focuses on small batch releases of all-original-design clothing. We bring the same attention to detail in creating every single piece of cloth as we do in our record production. Colors, graphics and silhouette are paramount in bringing the HÖGA-NORD-style to life. This is what the revolution looks like. Remember; fashion is for people that don’t have style


Stuck in this acid, you will rust. Autumntime 2016. The world is off its tits and its getting harder to laugh about it baby. So let’s talk about Mental Health. By a coincidence that’s the name of the debut LP of Gothenburg-based duo SPR!. Albert Sjöstam and Christoffer Fransson are behind the seven tracks that will force you to some ass and mental bending. Höga Nord gladly supports that type of activities and delivers 300 copies of pure white vinyl. Opening track Cha cha cha goes in like russians on a tour de france frenzy. The album continues with Second hand smoke - pure hypnotic chaotic anarchoi kraut. Beautiful and toned down Turn your illness into a weapon will mellow your mind to (un)comfortable numbness. Closing track Dope Rider aims deep down for the underground. Proper music to go mental to while studying health with your brain is one way to sum it up. Good music another one. Regardless: Stay safe. Hate will eat you whole even tough you might fail when you must sail. Stay Höga!


Gothenburgs most manic drummer Pontus Torstensson (URAN, The Exorcist GBG) has created a one man army. Its name? Tentakel. And yä. It´s just simple common sense. The project has already got a rep for the live shows. Now it´s finally here in physical form in the shape of 300 seven inches lazed with drums and synthesizers. Rythmn and the dubby blues. Techno, Dub, Kraut - you can hear it all in the dark moods. Cosmic kraut-techno with some ambient" is Pontus own words for it. A-side Impulse sounds like a nightly search of a Italian party in a haunted and swinging mansion. While driving in a porsche nine two eight. B-side Inversion balancing itchy nerves with cosmic atmospheres. Don´t sleep cause it will hit hard!


The civilisation has brought a lot of good stuff to the table, for example, video phones, metal detectors and the Honda Goldwing. But on our way to modernisation, some things got sacrificed on the altar of technology and the urbanisation and industrialisation caused a distortion in the human reception of nature. Ancient musical traditions, which had been part of mankind's development of the fine arts got lost in the noise from factories and growing cities. But. There. Right beneath the low frequent humming which lies as a background for the modern mans everyday life and works as a limit between us and nature, rests an elemental force from the collected art expression of lost times, waiting for a sensitive mind to find the frequency, pick up the transmission, decode the message and use it to create beautiful art. That the echoes from the past has reached Fontän is the answer to why the sound on the ”Polar star”-EP, released on Höga Nord Rekords, is timeless and without restrains. Their expression on this release traces back to their earlier works and the tracks on this EP which is their second Höga Nord Rekords release, they mix the future and the past in typical Fontän fashion. The first notes on the opening track ”Polar star” could have been taken from a playful Pink Floyd session circa 1969 and music then develops into exactly what you should expect from Swedens number one neo-psych band; polyrhythmic patterns á’la Philip Glass executed with confident guitars, break beat disco drums plus organ and song harmonies so sacred that they could wake Jack Nitzsche from the dead. The record continues with ”Machines” where the nordic melancholy goes on a world tour through the stratosphere, with stopovers in California, Bohuslän and mountains of Bhutan. The trip then takes off for the outer orbit! ”Sen sen, no sen” is a term used in Karate and it means that you hold the ability to foresee the opponents strike and strike her/him with that same blow in beforehand. This action takes your full concentration and you must be capable to disconnect from the world surrounding you and be in the moment. Let the needle flow over the closing track ”Sen sen, no sen” and feel the music fulfil you with confidence and soul and strengthen your spirit to the level that you can foresee anything fearful, and thus beat the living crap out of whatever in your presence that might haunt you. Fontän has poured hundreds of generations’ musical expressions in their filter of Swedish west coast psychedelia to let three tracks drop down on your turntable. The band feel no fear to break musical conventions, but yet they pay true homage to their predecessors.


Sunrise, Sunset, Wherever. And who are ya!? We are Höga Nord Rekords and we’re busy keepin on. This time with a fresh 7" release from Minami Deutsch. Pure kraut live and direct from Tokyo. The quartet released their debut during 2015 on Cardinal Fuzz (UK) and Guru Guru Brain in Japan. Of course you can hear their love for kraut-rock legends such as Can and Neu! But more interesting is the bands members definition of themselves as repetition freaks. A-Side New Pastoral Life sounds like a repetitive mystic chant that wants to communicate with Klaus Dinger on a ouija board in a distant and deep forrest. B-side Tunnel offers a straight forward monokrautriot. Kyotara Miula (guitar, vocals, synthesizer), Taku Rauschenberg (guitar), Keita Ise (bass) and Hikari Sakashita (drums) surely comes from the same strain as Bo Ningen, Cybele no Nichiyobi and Kikagaku Moyo. Act like you kno’!


Ladies and gentlemen, we are no longer floating in space…we are lost in it. Pete Bain aka Pete Bassman, pioneer and the true bassist from Spacemen 3, The Darkside (Beggars Banquet) and Alpha Stone (BOMP!) revisits Höga Nord. Last time we heard from the legendary Rugby resident he came with ten minutes of pure acid-folk straight outta Drugby. (On now sold out HNR005 7" Small Town Illusion/Poison Butterfly). Now he’s back with hist first solo album, Lost in Space. Opening track Music For Modern Living sets the tone: psychedelic, electronic and atmospheric. Tracks Sweet and Echo Lane will make you braindance - off piste style! Haunting, dark and beautiful track Scar sounds like stalking aliens lurking from a distance. Searching for ideal human guinea pigs. Ambient music to get abducted and spaced out to!


“Since the birth of the band in 2007, Tross has carefully handled and developed the cosmic heritage. Today, in 2016, with the release of “The Walrus – EP” on Höga Nord Rekords they continue to cultivate the gems of the further out regions of far out music from the past five decades back. The trip that will take you to the psychedelic Arctic takes off in an open and airy landscape with the Ashra inspired “Time leaves us”. On the second track “Gagarin”, Tross cuts the waves deeper and dives into a Patrik Vian inspired submarine landscape. The B-side has a louder and messier feel to it and the melodies rest upon a roundhouse swinging beat. Your’e being dropped down between two ferocious sailors beating it out on the docks! Tross is alive in the icescapes of the far north - the tusks of the walrus digs deep and won’t let you go.”


Höga Nord Rekords proudly announces our collaboration with one of our favourite UK producers: Timothy J Fairplay. He is perhaps best known for his work with Andrew Weatherall. Originally operating as Weatherall´s engineer the pair went on to form The Asphodells. Fairplay is also a DJ and producer with solo records on Bird Scarer, Emotional Response, Astro Lab and more. Together with Scott Fraser he runs the adorable label Crimes of the Future. On this 7" he delivers a jacking and chugging A-side named The Cat Prowls Again. Sustained (and prowling) freak-outs guaranteed. B-side A Strange Servant is a bit more laid-back. But lovely cold and dark. Slow-motion psychedelic dance music for forward thinking freaks!


Lets take a trip to the dirty south of Sweden. Malmö to be more specific. It´s time to get down with VED. The band started as a solo-project by Mattias Nihlén taking inspiration from filmmusic, progressive rock, early electronic music and folkmusic. From there VED has developed into a rhythmic machinery. Surf-rock, horror movie soundtracks and found cassettes are some of the ingredients you will hear on their latest LP. Omikron is the name of the record. And yup. Höga Nord is the label that publishes it. And hopefully will be damned for it. First track Looney Tubas samples sounds from the Looney tunes propaganda cartoon Tokio Jokio from 1943. Angel dusty funk is one way to describe it. Walking on stilts to look bigger is another. That vibe follows through the rest of the album. Title track Omikron contains sounds of neurons being fired in an anesthetizised cat´s brain in an experiment conducted by the Swedish neurophysiologist Torsten Wiesel. Univerb combines a slow and nervy bassline with sounds from a police video of a sports car formerly owned by the Swedish king, Carl Gustaf, being chased by police in Malmö. Closing track Neo geo contains a field recording of a man selling Orbit chewing gum in the streets of Dushanbe, Tajikistan. All good. Yeah its spooky. Mhmmm, its loco. Above all its sensual non-verbal communication. That will make you wanna reproduce…stuff. Strictly Looney tunes!


It’s time for some necessary evil activities. Messy but clean. So we contacted The Brian Jonestown Massacre. The band formed in San Fransisco in 1988. Anton Newcombe is the leader. Their output spans psych, folk, shoegaze, kraut, kosmiche etcetera. Höga Nord proudly releases: La Facon Don't La Machine Vers I´Arrière 7". A-side offers organic beats with a vibe that would make General Curts heart of darkness darker. And more sexual. But hey. Relax. It’s only a cowbell slaughter. B-side takes us on a remixed space odyssey. Behind the bars of that mellow rocket launching we find Al Lover - San Fransiscos own DJ Shadow. Chunky funky. Say yippie. And dig Deeper… Limited to 500 copies with hand printed labelbags.


The Wintherwila. 
It lasted six years, six months, and one day. 
And we thought that we would never ever have one again. 
But hey. 
Fontän, consisting of Jesper Jarold and Johan Molin, returns the 28 of january 2016. And Höga Nord is bout it when it comes to stylish resurrection. And this Gothenburg based duo deserves excessive awe and reverence. Especially with this comeback: A three track picture disc EP. They have slipped directly inside our house. And if the first title track Babylon is wrong - we don´t want to be right. The closing tune Bardo is pure bliss with a bass line that would make Buddha twerk. But underneath the perfection and smoov melodies lies a sense of subtle disturbance... For the prepared and appropriately trained individuals the Bardo offers a opportunity for liberation. The transcendental insight may arise with the direct experience of reality. For others it can become a place of danger. The karmically created hallucinations can impel one into a less than desirable rebirth. Barbarism begins at home! Enjoy the Earth!


Kick start yer hearts and the new year with our subscription based vinyl club. Strictly limited to 50 members. Here's the deal: During 2016 we will release five 7". All of them will be sent directly to your home two weeks before the official release date - sharply dressed in members only sleeves. On top of that you'll get an exclusive singles club patch. Liquorice allsorts - only for the chosen few Bertie Bastards out there. Automatic satisfaction! Sign up now at shop.hoganord.com


Höga Nord celebrates three years of existence the 26th of december@Pustervik, Gothenburg. The legendary space punks Uran GBG will preform live. Top selectors Elena Wolay and Robert Leiner will spin records and Youth Pictures will do the visuals. The Effect Will Last Forever!


It began in Gothenburg! Three years of lovely thrills, chills and acid aches has passed for Höga Nord Rekords. A better reason then any to keep the partey going. If it makes you feel good then we say do it. And we like it smart and sharp. For our third year anniversary we´ve collabed with the professionals at Norrmalms Kartongfabrik. It ended up with 30 handmade and numbered boxes: Repent Ye´, And Praise the Gospel - Höga Nord Rekords Single Collection Vol.1. It includes our first ten 7" releases. it also comes with a booklet containing each singles artwork. The records comes in hand stamped disco sleeves. 20 tunes in total. Day of release: December the 7th. Jesus Christ died for nothing - but lets praise the Gospel and suck the box!


San Francisco-based producer Al Lover has spent the last several years evolving a unique approach to psychedelic music by way of exploring the common threads within it’s various genres. His newest effort, ‘Zodiak Versions,’ sees Al exploring what he views as two musical styles that have defined modern underground music culture, Jamaican Dub Reggae and the German experimental “Krautrock” from the 1970’s. The main point of interest is how these genres were translated through the lens of Post Punk, Hip Hop and Post Disco Electronica to create what we see now as contemporary ‘Indie’ music. The birthplace of Zodiak Versions is literally the long stretches of highway in mainland Europe, mainly in a tour van filled with the smell of Moroccan hash and tobacco smoke (not to mention the potent human funk only an extensive European tour can produce). Sketching out repetitive dub baselines and leads using only the keyboard of his laptop as a musical device, Al formulated the basic structures of the what would become these versions. Reminded of what artists like Kraftwerk and Neu! attempted to portray with the driving motion with their motorik beats and expansive washes of analog synthesis, Lover felt compelled to write music directly within the environment that had once inspired the original ‘Krautrock’ sound. Once back in the states Al teamed up with good friends Burnt Ones in LA to add some touches of guitar and synth drone to the sketched out songs. At this time he was further introduced to the some of the lesser known efforts of Kraut pioneers that would later influence the rise of Ambient music. Returning home completely inspired, he added even more layers of analog Moog synthesizer, tribal percussion, and vintage rhythm box drum sounds before sequencing and mixing all the elements through a vintage Roland RE-201 Space Echo. The end result is is what you have here in Zodiak Versions. With his last few projects, Al Lover has been bouncing back and forth between a more sample based remix approach and actual synthesized music composition. You can hear elements of his earlier works - Distorted Reverberations (of Reverberating Distortion), Vodun Moon, Goat Remixes, Sacred Drugs, Cave Ritual (& Redux) - in Zodiak Versions, but the music is heading in a more textured, droned out direction. An experiment in maximized minimalism. Subtlety and nuance hidden within an intense wall of sound, as if the psychedelic aspects of everything that influenced the record have been extracted and reconfigured to produce the sonic dub version of a bad trip.


The last Höga Nord labelnight for 2015 will be held at Folk, Gothenburg the 21th of November. Ved and Tross will preform live. These two great acts will get a nice cosmic wrap up by gothenburgs finest selector; Mr. Sebastian Løken (Tractor Beam, Silk Road) and Youth pictures will deliver a heady soup af eyecandies. Keep it pure, Keep it ape!


Höga Nord Rekords will host a new label night at Folk, Gothenburg the 31th of October. Paper and Osynlige mann will play live. These two great acts will get a nice cosmic wrap up by the top electro selector; Mr. Lucas Eargoggle (Bunker den Haag, Stilleben). The video artist Nils Esping and William Hedegärd will take care of the visuals. Trip or treat! https://www.facebook.com/events/482027635291650/


Höga Nord Rekords first release was Pistol Disco. That was, of course, no coincidence. This time the armed disco-duo (Berlin-based producer Alexander Palmestål (Iberia, Myth) and Gothenburg-based Mikael Enqvist) returns with a tropical and quite chilled out seven inch-revenge. First track Goo will manipulate you like a Hare Krishna recruitee would - if he or she had groove and swagger. B-side Pool has an organic baseline combined with a dreamlike landscape that will drag you up to a place where KLF:s golden era echoes inside yer head like an appealing Conny PlankOCD!


Pure DDR-groove! The Exorcist is a gothenburg-based trio consisting of Osynlige Mann, Pontus and Petrus - members from bands as Uran, Tentakel and Sork. Höga Nord invites you to their soundscape with their full length debut album The Exorcist GBG: Everyone could be an informant. The cold war is alive. Dark Cabaret. Spythememode. David Lynchelectro. Italian horror. Easily put - This is kinky organic acid for all of you looking for a exit - but know you have to stay.


Höga Nord Rekords will host a new label night at Folk, Gothenburg the 19th of September. The Exorcist GBG and Motormännen will play live. These two great acts will get a nice cosmic wrap up by the UK legendary top selector; Mr. Andy Votel (Finders Keeper, Twisted Nerve). The video artist Nils Esping and William Hedegärd will take care of the visuals. Come join the psychedelic disco trip! https://www.facebook.com/events/1679638365598756/


Höga Nord and The Exorcist GBG are doing a party the 16th of September at Riche, Stockholm to celebrate their debut album. The Exorcist GBG will preform live and Höga Nord crew will spin vinyls. All this to satisfy you! GOOD CLEAN FUN! https://www.facebook.com/events/1536957083191722/


Hi kids! Stop hang your heads low! Sure the northern blackness - that got us by our genitals for most of the year - is a reasonable reason. But tone down your despair. Focus on the, soon to come, bright confusion. Sure. Höga Nord is for the children. And good fun in the sun. But most of all we’re about dropping tunes that will fuck brains, legs and ears as clinically good as a treatment from an over experienced masseur. Höga Nord Rekords give you Higamos Hogamos on a four track instrumental EP. This is something of a solo effort for Higamos Hogamos’s Steve Webster - but in good assisting company by friends and viciously fonky machinery. One common denominator for the EPs four tunes is an attempt to say fuck off to overkilled editing and instead indulging in the dynamics and tensions that steams from mistakes and magic created live. All with the intention to squeeze our sweetest and most sensitive nerves in waiting for the mothership to take us all upwards 45 deegrees. Johari Window features the fine fretwork of original Higamos guitarist Toby Jenkins as well as Stipo Androvic on funk bass duties and Chris Hodges holding the groove together solid on drums. What might not be as apparent is the audio signal from the guitar being filtered into Steve´s mouth through a hosepipe to make a ghetto talk box (Don’t ask, just listen and freak out!) N.Y. List was the product of Higamos guitarist Andrew Robertson spontaneously finding a fuzz box and a backing track waiting, ready for some first take inspiration. For "Sorcery" and "Purest Space" it’s time to give the human masses a rest and jam your momsys arse to mars! To sum it up: Big fuck off spacediscorock, with elements of kraut, funk and hedonistic vibes to drag us all lost in dark and bright confusion!


Oh baby we like it raw: With this 7" Höga Nord gives you a coldwavey hard pop-uppercut! Paper is a trio featuring Calle Olsson from The Bear Quartet and Paddington DC along with members of Audionom and Pig Eyes. Punk-kraut is one way to describe their music. But as you'll notice on A-side Come on - there are well arranged melodies, desperation of monotony and echoes of synth in their mix too. B-side We hold you responsible is two minutes of distilled hardcore frustration. And uhm...What else…You'll learn that life is lovely too!


Fixfixfix. Upupup. Höga Nord notches up that ocdmode again: Fixin' up. Sounding, looking...Sharper! Let's stomp things forward together with this wide-hole 7-inch vinyl single. Behind the alias Osynlige Mann you'll find Timo Lundgren - one of the architects behind Gothenburgs legendary band URAN. This superb ruffneck selection of Osynlige Manns material lurks off with timeless style. A-side Snake Eye takes us on a pleasantly spooky journey: Moody and dark. With a fresh beat and a haunting Carpentervibe. B-side Electrodes…the title speaks for it self. Nervebending energy. You won't be able to escape the electrodes. A bangin' tune reaching for the highest high. Music for people chasing the climax of the night!


Höga Nord hereby gladly announces the release of a 12" Picture Disc EP with swedish band Flowers Must Die. With a name inspired by Ash Ra Temple’s greatest masterpiece you know that FMD knows their space rock history. Inspired by bands and artists such as Bobby Hutcherson, Angelic Upstarts, Skip James, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Blue Öyster Cult and Oscar Sulley & The Uhuru Dance Band they have proven themselves both on records and on live shows. Their gig at swedish festival Psykjunta in 2013 are already a classic among freakoutheads. Their music has been described as Doom Jazz and Oriental Hard Rock. Höga Nord prefers to simply call it good music. Stomp out the jams to A-side Nusrat and kick back to B-side Montana. Or vice versa. There surely is a riot going on. So remember that it's not all good in the hood motherfonkers!


BOOOM! This is a big one! Swedens finest electronic wizard Robert Leiner are back. With a eight track LP - Melomania. Since the early 90´s Robert Leiner has been a highly respected part of the global electronic music scene. Ambient, techno, electro, acid, house, kraut - whatever. The fact that Robert never confined himself to a single genre suits Höga Nord more than well. This time he brought some friends: The Source Experience band. First track Dromomania sounds like Daft Punk would - if they were relevant. The monotonous machinery is just as efficiantly mechanic as the slow liquidation of human labour at Volvo and other big companies within the car industry. Second track Drive makes us think of an unwillingly beautiful and violent tramaccident. Chaotic supreme confidence is what follows through the album. Pure organic uncompromising energy. It´s time to get down to the source for some excperience!


A warm welcome to this year's edition of the Höga Nord Fest. The party will be held the 23th of May at Folk in Gothenburg, Sweden. Dungeon Acid, Kriget and Robert Leiner will perform live. Erik Nordin, Gustav Bendt and Höga Nord will spin records and Is This It will do the visuals. Raw and primitive machine funk all night long!


The Byrds are back! With pure liquid for all the freaks on the inside longing for the outside. Höga Nord are more than happy to deliver their latest EP Liquid Sky on a picture disc 12". The album was recorded during the winter 2014 according to band member Joakim Åhlund. That might explain the subtle dark nerve in the music and lyrics. Mellow, mature music for fresh motherlovers as usual: Opening track The Summer Ends Tonight takes off like a melancholic third eye opener. Title track Liquid Sky sounds like a loving hug when you really need it. When the Roundhouse Blues kicks in it´s time to play hide and seek with our minds. And then. Um. Well. Just remember to enjoy the summer before the night it ends. Steady psychin´! The record will be available in our webshop and in all good record stores around the world the 13th of may!


Höga Nord Rekords will host a new label night at Pustervik, Gothenburg the 13th of May. No Science and Töcken will play live. These two great acts will get a nice cosmic wrap up by the top selectors; Simon Ohlsson (Silverbullit) and Jesper Jarold (Fontän and of course yours truly. The video artist Nils Esping and William Hedegärd will take care of the visuals. Come join the psychedelic head fuck!


Höga Nord Rekords will host a new label night at Pustervik, Gothenborg the 10 th of April. Hills and Flowers Must Die will play live. These two great acts will get a nice cosmic wrap up by the top selectors; Sebastian Loken and Grindmaster Flesh and Is This It will take care of the visuals. Come join the psychedelic fiesta because the summer time here kitties and is time to take a trip!


Höga Nord and Kriget are doing a party the 18th of March at Riche, Stockholm to celebrate the Höga Nord 010 - Kriget. Kriget will preform live and Höga Nord crew will spin vinyls. All this to satisfy you! GOOD CLEAN FUN!


Drums, bass, saxophone. Three main ingrediences for the three members in Kriget. In this gorgeous 7" they´ve added mad nice electronics. It´s krauty, spacey, free jazzy etcetera, so forth, blah blah blah. Lets settle at free music for free people. A-side Din Cons bass seduces you so subtle that you hardly notice that you´re about to take off for a ride that you can´t fight. Only feel. When you think you´ve landed safe and sound its time for side B: Sama kicks of like a no-nonsense session with a sleazy elektroschaman who wants to hypnotize and program you with so vicious methods that the CIA would be impressed. When the acid kicks in at the end it´s time to breathe slowly and quietly repeat for yourself: Keep calm and remember that being paranoid doesn't mean they aren´t after you. Releasedate 2015-03-15. Pre-orders taken now!


Due to a huge demand and one actual death threat, Höga Nord decided to do a small second pressing of the Uran LP. This modern masterpiece will be available again. 200 copies pressed only! You can pre-order your copy now from the webshop. (The orders will be shipped out the first of march) DON'T SLEEP ON THIS ONE...AND DON`T FORGET TO FORGET THAT NO ONE LOVES URAN!


Craters are created in many ways. For example: When two celestial bodies impacting each other, such as a meteorite hitting a planet, by volcanic activity or underground explosions. Anyway. Friction, tension and direct physical confrontation are common denominators behind those, often stunningly beautiful, circular depressions on the surface of a planet or moon. Krater from Gothenburg consists of three dope musicians with their roots in bands like legendary Uran and Neneh Cherry & The Thing. Their fluffy psych-pop sounds like a bastard child that was made during a warmhearted orgy with Jacques Dutronc, Air and The Byrds minutes before a meteorite hits the earth. In a very good and mellow way. To put it simple - babymakingpsychmusic for all the motherlovers out there diggin' in the crates!


Höga Nord celebrates two years of existence the 27th of december@Pustervik, Gothenburg. Robert Leiner & The Source Experience Band and Krater will preform live. Höga Nord crew and Marco Gillingsmark from Levande Begravd will spin records and Patrik Johansson will do the visuals. The Effect Will Last Forever!


For all the fucked up children of this world we give you a nuclear meltdown. This is what you get when you mix Uran with Gothenburg. So let's shut up and dance while continue being chaotically focused on that keep on keepin' on, smashin', grabbin' 'n' kickin' out the jams etcetera… And never learn to forget that no one loves Uran!


Höga Nord Crew straightens our backs and proudly puts our fists in the air in genuine enthusiasm to be able to release Northern Acid/All-Nighter. Behind the single you'll find Jean-Louis Huhtas project Dungeon Acid. Jean-Louis are also playing with Skull Defekts and has played in legendary bands such as Anti-Cimex, Cortex and Lucky-People Center. As Dungeon Acid you'll hear him behind analogue synthesizers, drum machines and effects. The result are raw and a bit left field grimy. But always with a undeniable groove rooted in punk, techno, electro and acid. Northern Acid creeps upon us with a proper and smart moderation. It's also, a almost frightening perfect, soundtrack for november months in the Nordic climate: grey skies, rain in sideways, dark days and black nights. When the B-side All-Nighters four on the flour-ish beat subtly kicks in it reminds us of the importance of dancing away the night and our tears dressed in our most smart and sharp clothes in dark spaces together with like-minded freaks. Northern acid will touch your soul even if you aint´t got one. Keep the faith, kick out the jams and keep on burnin´!


When the Psychedelic Shafferson Jetplane released their self titled, analogue recorded, debut 2010 it became painfully obvious that the band are among the key-players on that scene. The record sold out faster then Pinochets fascist heart stopped beating after his attack 2006. And that's just one, among many, reasons to why we at Höga Nord Rekords feel extraordinary proud to release two new psychtunes from TPSJ! A-side takes off with a linear psych-blues vibe until the riffs pleasantly starts to cut and stimulate our eardrums frantically: Membrillo's Ride is the sound of ZZ Top on the run on choppers after a drunken shopliftningbender on the wrong side of town. If you study TPSJ:s debut-cover you can't miss that the band not only loves Hugo Chavez but also Spacemen 3. Suitably the B-side share names with the three british space rockers hometown - Rugby. It's time for a revolution boys and girls. And all it takes is five seconds. And, uh, yeah…we smell burning!


It's obvious that Gothenburgbased Lamagaia are the second generation musicians on the swedish proggscene when the needle starts to read information from the A-side Space Normal Speed. The track will stone yer asses back to your momas wildest moments on Kabul hashisch and red wine. Before the B-side Seebass fades out the fog is so thick that you'll wonder if it was spacey sci-fipsych, Träd, Gräs och Stenarsalutes or a classic haschpsychosis that hit you. Buckle up and stay fresh as Kabul kids!


Höga Nord have the honour to host a labelnight at Riche in Stockholm the 20th of August. Robert Leiner will preform brand new material from his upcoming LP on Höga Nord and Tross will cook a psychedelic three-cours meal for your ears. Both acts will guaranteed take you on a journey to the inner and outer space. Höga Nord Crew will play their favorite vinyls throughout the evening. Tune In, Turn On, Stay Up Forever

TROSS - 16:11

Today is the digital release for Tross debut album 16:11 released on Höga Nord Rekords. You hear influences from the city and the woods, the sea and space – inner and outer. Tross deintellectualizes the jazz whilst taking club music back to its roots. The “kraut machine” is motoring on some tracks, while others are more clearly driven by dreamy melodies than by a monotonous beat. The vinyl release are set to the 27th of Juni. 350 copys pressed, 50 of them on pearlwhite vinyl and only available from the web shop. Pre order your copy now!


Pete Bain aka "Pete Bassman", the pioneer and the true genius from Spacemen 3, The Darkside & Alphastone releases his new single "Small Town illusion/Poison Butterfly" on Höga Nord Rekords on Record Store Day. 10 minutes of pure acidfolk comin straight outta Drugby. Don't miss out on this baby. Pressed in 300 copys only! Pre-order your copy now in the store.


Höga Nord Rekords will host a new label night at Pustervik, Gothenborg the 20th of April. Pistol Disco will preform live for the last time ever and the psychedelic electronic duo Supra! will do their first preformance of 2014. These two great acts will get a nice cosmic wrap up by Fontän, who will play a Dj-set in three parts and Is This It will take care of the visuals. Höga Nord Crew and Thomas Frank will play records throughout the evening in the lobby. Come join the 420 fiesta because the summer time here kitties and is time to take a trip!


Come celebrate the release of "On Board/1514" vinyl 7" with us at Teater Trixter, Gothenburg on the 14th of februari. Tross will do a two set gig, Grindmaster Flesh, Thomas Frank, Höga Nord Crew will play goodies from their record collections and Is This It will do the visuals. GOOD CLEAN FUN!


Höga Nord celebrates one year of existence the 26th of december@Pustervik, Gothenburg. Les Big Byrd and Tross will preform live. Robert Leiner and Alexander Palmestål from Pistol Disco will spin records. Is this It will do the visuals. The Effect Will Last Forever!


The story of Tross could have ended on a terminal station in the Stockholm subway, at a mail center in Gothenburg or on a island on the swedish westcoast called Tjörn. 2009 was the year when the band members disappeared into a heavy haze. Two years later, when three of the original members re-found each other in a bunker at Odenplan, Stockholm they locked themselves in with the collected works of Neu!, Can and Brain Records. Summarized the loneliness, the infinity, the sea and the space in relentlessly driving melodies and rhythms to set your watch by. If Sun Ra was born on Tjörn he had started Tross, If Klaus Dinger had still been in mortal life, he had played in Tross. Höga Nord will release On Board/1514 on 7" vinyl/download the 26th of december, with follow-up full length album in the beginning of 2014. Tross - a band founded upon the seas in space!


Höga Nord Rekords pays respect to one of the true swedish pioneers of electronic underground music, Prof. Robert Leiner. 12:33 minutes of analoge machinefunk will hit the streets the 303th day of 2013 on limited 7" vinyl/download only. Tune In, Turn On, Stay Up Forever!


New 7" vinyl/download from Stockholms finest Les Big Byrd is now released on Höga Nord Rekords. Available at all good record shops and in our webshop. Act fast becauce this baby will be gone within seconds!